There’s nothing like  fiber  to power your business

Wyyerd Connect offers speeds up to 10 Gbps to keep up with all your internet needs.

With our enterprise-grade fiber networks, your employees can enjoy ridiculously fast internet speeds so they can do their work more efficiently.

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A Perfect Fit For

Retail Shops &

Small Businesses 

Small business services


  • High Speed Business Internet Plans with speeds up to 1 GIG

  • 24/7 business class support

  • Flexible Plans and terms

  • Service level agreements available

Fiber voice for business

  • Business-class calling

  • Multiple extensions powered by Cloud PBX™

  • Call forwarding

  • Call screening

  • Hunt groups

  • Dynamic voicemail

  • Extensive call control

  • Connectivity to analog key systems and phones

  • Team messaging, screen sharing and video conferencing

Be your own provider

Through our dark fiber services, you can manage your own internet services resulting in dramatic cost savings and unlimited bandwidth for your business.

Customize your network

Not sure what you need?  Our fiber experts partner with you to determine the best network solution for your business Internet needs.

Local support team

Whether you decide to manage your own network or leverage Wyyerd Connect fiber, you will have hands-on support by local professionals.




Next Generation

Enterprise services

Dark Fiber

  • Become your own service provider

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Dramatically reduced unit cost vs. managed higher-layer services

  • Flexible lease structures

  • Carrier access options

  • Custom design


  • Scalable Bandwidth options from 100 Mb-10 Gig

  • Point-to-point & Point-to-multipoint

  • Custom design

  • Flexible terms 

Fiber Internet

  • Leverage our own fiber networks   

  • Dedicated symmetrical bandwidth

  • Flexible Tier Speeds 100 Mb - 10 Gig

  • Carrier-grade SLAs


  • Business phone service - direct lines and/or extension packages

  • Industry-leading set of features

  • Simplified pricing structures   

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